The X - Dream (Reboot 2018)

X-dream Reboot (carter Stirling)

Intro Carter Stirling

The council speaker, Gregon Dox, looked at the ruler’s daughter, Kova Mors, “princess, where is the crown prince?  We need to make sure that he is safe with the Praetors”  

“He is safe Speaker…” her lustrous voice clearly cutting over the din of the shouting council members, even as her long legs started to stride down the corridor, along the passage, outside into the lush gardens.  She clearly had distain for most of the council, especially Dox, who seemed to care…too much…for her son, I trust the Praetors less than where the credits that line your pockets arrived from…

“Princess…” as Dox chased, “enough…these lead to the royal chambers, and you do not have access to those without my permission.”  Her eyes stared deep at him, “AND you do not have my permission…”  Several dots appeared on his chest and forehead, originating from several of the guardian statues that in the lush gardens, and the entry into the royal chambers.

not yet princess… as Dox looked at the woman that held the crown, but soon your word would matter less than a slave’s tear.



Later that evening, “you trust this Charles Xavier?,” a mother’s concern in her voice.


“I will be fi-…” came the stern reply from her son, Carter, even as she put her finger to his lips, “a monarch needs to know when to listen…and when to act…”


“Xavier’s a good man…” as Stirling thought back to the time that Xavier and he had served in the military together.  “And he owes me…” as John thought back to finding an unconscious Charles buried in some rubble in an abandoned temple in Asia, surrounded by predators.

“A life debt John?” as Kova’s voice was stern, carrying that noble monarch quality.  She was unable to take the throne once her father was dead due to the laws of female rulership, but her son would be able to…She hated that stupid law, one that had been in existence for millenia.

but he’s not ready.. as John finished his thought and who knows how long that the king has left?  Best let the kid grow up some and learn…maybe even make a few allies.

“You listen to Charles Xavier…” as Stirling looked at his son, directly in his eyes.  “Though he has lost the use of his legs, he is one of the strongest and wisest men I know.”

John Stirling took out a disc as well as a wrapped package, placing them on the table.  “You hand this to Charles Xavier.  He’ll know what to do and what it means…

Patting his son in both arms, in a manner that Carter had seen on multiple occasions from several of his country’s soldiers would do following a great battle.  “The zeta beam is going to be here in a few moments…better get ready…”


Moving to the statue of Terrin Quado, one of the strongest warriors in the history of the empire, Princess Mors made eye contact, beams emanated from the statue’s eyes and met hers.  It was through the royal blood that a zeta beam could be controlled without a great amount of the complicated apparati.  

A loud THUNK and a section of the floor dropped and slid back, revealing a hidden Zeta-beam point.  A familiar buzzing sound started to get louder as one of the multitude of gems that were embedded in the ceiling, started to shine and a beam erupted from gem to the middle of the recessed floor.  There were only a few moments left before the beam would disappear…



Carter looked at his mom and dad. He tried to be strong but this wasn’t just a trip to to the Kazarian lava pits. He didn’t know when he would be back. He didn’t know IF he would be back.


“How will I know when I can come back? What if I never see you guys again?” A lump got stuck in his throat and his perceived weakness  embarrassed him. He wanted so much to be like his father. A man who made his own way, a man who fought for what he believed in, for his home world and his his adopted world. Carter clutches the disk. “How will I find this Xavier?”


Carter took a step to get into place before running towards his mom and giving her a hug. “Goodbye “ he whispers.



Taking a disc, the size of a palm of a mid sized man, “this is a cell phone…” he said quietly, “a technology that was starting when I had first left” as a small smirk appeared, “we were able to mimic and update the technology, with some adjustments for what we thought due to a time lapse and growth in technological advancements.  Inside it has a program to search for the man Charles Xavier and to make contact like a Tech-Com Das device that we would use here.  Tell them you are my son, and that you have a package for him.  That should be enough.”

Carter nodded. "Yes, Father"

“Remember…you are a Prince of the house of Mors…and a man from the clan of Stirling…” she said with pride.  Her eyes remained focused with the beams as moving them would result in the breaking of the beam, “goodbye my son…”

Carter stepped on where he was supposed and nodded to his parents. He looked past his parents, trying to take a snap shot of the palace grounds behind him. He thought to himself, "I swear to the gods, I will return."





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